June BOMA: Patrick Resigns, NVFD Funding, Noise Ordinance

There were several issues members of the Nolensville community were concerned with on the agenda for the June Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, however, the real surprise was an unexpected speech from Vice Mayor Jason Partick announcing his resignation from the board effective immediately.

Patrick gave his address at the closing of the meeting under “other” issues.  He said that in the May meeting someone said he should “Put his money where his mouth” was.  He said that for almost 10 years he had done just that, working tirelessly for the betterment of Nolensville. That he used his knowledge as a financial advisor to ensure the town had the financial resources to build the road expansions on Sunset without needing to incur debt to do so.  He listed several things he is proud of including the credit rating of the town, and the fact the town is rated as one of the best places to live in America.

Patrick said “The way we treat each other as result of the advent of Social Media is shameful and embarrassing.  There is a reason the Williamson County School System emphasizes being nice, and I find it ironic that sign is right behind me (pointing to a sign that reads Be Nice).  Our children are suffering, often as a result of bullying that takes place on social media. Unfortunately, the youth of today have to look no further than across the kitchen table to see examples of this bad behavior.  It Is my prayer that we will take seriously the words ‘Be Nice’.”

Patrick said the words that caused the most reflection for him during the public comments last month were “Britten got a hit.” Just as the meeting was starting he got a message from his wife that his ten year old son, who had just started in kid pitch baseball, got a hit. He said those words meant more than anything else at the BOMA meeting and caused his reflection.  He had a moment of clarity and realized “I’m not going to miss another hit, so tonight is my last night serving as an Alderman for the town of Nolensville.”  “I’m not running away from anything. I rarely back down from a challenge, even to a fault.  Instead I am running to something, I am running to more time with my family and friends, lake house, and businesses.  And, most importantly, more hits.”

In other news from the BOMA the board discussed a proposed noise ordinance that was a result of several complaints against the Wheelers Raid distillery.  The board voted unanimously to table the ordinance indefinitely.

The BOMA also had final reading of the proposed budget, which passed with several amendments.  First, they removed the line item for a paid Public Information Officer.  Next, they discussed the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department.  After much discussion with new chief Adam Spencer and NVFD board chairman Tom Seyfried the board chose to include $100,000 more for the NVFD.  $60,000 was to fund a paid chief for part of the fiscal year once a candidate is identified and then $40,000 which will be matched by the department to fund a stipend program to be used to ensure trained personnel are at the department ready to drive the truck at critical times.

-Harrison McClary/News & Observer

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