Hoggin’ N Joggin’ 2019

Barry Samples downs Highway 55 cheese fries to start lap two of the Hoggin' N Joggin' in Nolensville June 8, 2019. Samples and his wife, Frances, ran as a team and called themselves the "Puking Porkers." Photo: Harrison McClary/News & Observer

Hoggin’ N Joggin’ 2019 was a roaring success despite overcast skies and the threat of scattered showers. 145 people registered to run the race raising a rough total of $12,500 for the Nolensville Food Pantry.

Photos can be purchased from here.

The event, which has happened for the past seven years, is a fun race and dining experience like no other. This year the participants started the race off slamming back Outlanders fried macaroni balls and chicken nuggets, then ran. After the first lap they could either tag off with a team mate, or, if they were hard core, could run the second lap. The second lap started off with the runners having to rapidly down cheese fries from Highway 55. At the end of the race they were rewarded with a sweet treat from either B’s Salty & Sweet or Aribella Baked Goods.