Tennessee Football Teams Receive F in Daily COVID-19 Tracking

Scott Jedlicka, Assistant Professor of Sports Management at Washington State University has created a very interesting website tracking NCAA Division 1 football and the Covid-19 Pandemic.

On his site he lists all D1 teams and gives them a grade, A to F, based on Average Daily Growth of cases, Change in Percent of statewide positive tests for the past 14 days, and current statewide hospital bed occupation.

The site includes a “heat map” with trends for the past 14 days, as well as the easy to read report card.

In his most recent report all SEC teams score either a D or an F.

All Tennessee teams in his report; UTK, Vanderbilt, Memphis, MTSU, UTC, Austin Peay, ETSU, TSU, Tennessee Tech, and UT Martin score an F.

You can see his site here.  

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