The 15 foot tall Superman statue stands outside the courthouse in downtown Metropolis, Illinois Sunday, February, 9, 2020. The statue was erected in 1993 and is made from bronze painted to look like the man of steel. (Photo made with a fisheye lens) Photo Harrison McClary/NNO Media LLC

A 15 foot tall painted bronze statue of Superman guards downtown Metropolis, Illinois.  The statue stands adjacent to the courthouse on the square looking up Market Street, past the Superman Museum.

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In 1972 DC Comics officially declared Metropolis, Illinois as the home of Superman.  The Illinois State Legislature also voted to the same. The statue was erected in 1993.  This was not the first Superman statue in the town.  In 1986 the town had erected a fiberglass Superman on the town square.  It was not well received, with vandals defacing it. 

The new statue was commissioned at a cost of $120,000.  To help off set the cost the town sold engraved bricks for $35.00 each.  The statue was built by the same company that built the Emmy statue at the Television Hall of Fame in Hollywood, California.

Each year in June the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce, with support from the City of Metropolis, hosts the Superman Celebration with celebrity guests, comic book fans and vendors, fans dressed as Superman, and all types of super activities.

If you wish to visit Superman it is an easy 150 mile drive up Interstate 24 from Nashville to Metropolis, Illinois, which lies just across the Ohio River.

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