New Bike and Walk Path Coming to Maryland Farms

Deanna Lambert/Community Relations Director | City of Brentwood

Construction Set to Begin in August

Construction of a new, paved greenway trail in Maryland Farms, connecting Powell Park to the Maryland Farms YMCA property, is set to begin in August and be completed by the end of the year.  A contract with Sessions Paving Company for $918,833.75 was approved at the July 8 City Commission meeting.  This project was one of the final recommendations from the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee created by the City Commission.

Since the project was first discussed in 2016, staff from the City have held several meetings with residents adjacent to the greenway to discuss the proposal.  In 2017, the City Commission voted to amend the special zoning restrictions on the greenway to allow for construction of the trail.  As a result of the community meetings, the trail route was also shifted slightly to avoid impacting homes.

Engineering design work on the trail was completed earlier this year. The project was bid in late February; however, construction costs were more than the allotted $1 million for the total project costs.  To bring the project back in line with the available budget, staff split the project into two phases.  The project was rebid in May with a reduced scope for a trail to extend from Powell Park to the back of the Maryland Farms YMCA.  This phase will provide significant benefit by connecting the park to the YMCA as well as providing access to retail and office developments.  Plans for phase two of the trail to Maryland Way Park will be considered as part of future capital improvements plans.

The greenway is currently about 175 to 200 feet wide.  Most of the paved trail will be at least 100 feet away from residential homes.  Brentwood City Commissioner Anne Dunn sees this new trail as a real opportunity since it will lead citizens to a destination. “We always say we want people to go biking and walking to a place where there is a destination as well as just out for recreation.  This is the only place in Brentwood I know of where a trail could actually take you there without your vehicle or having to walk on the sidewalk,” Commissioner Dunn said.   Once the trail is completed by the end of the year, citizens will be able to bike or walk from Powell Park, located behind The Tractor Supply Company on Virginia Way, to the YMCA.  The paved trail will be a little less than one mile in length.  It will be a connector for the far west end of Maryland Farms to the east side of Maryland Farms where the Hill Center is located.

Mayor Rhea Little said he has driven Williamsburg Road thousands of times over the years.  “It is tough to see due to sunlight at certain times.  I think this trail is a great idea and I think it would be wonderful if we could find financial help in the future for phase two from companies or organizations that support bike/walk efforts in the area,” said Mayor Little.

Sessions Paving Company is a Nashville based company that has successfully completed street resurfacing work for the City of Brentwood over the years.  Residents and those who work in the area can expect to see the company start work in August.  They plan to work in the daytime hours of Monday through Friday as to not disturb residents at night.

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